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How to restore from AWS Glacier using Commvault Backup Software

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This article will walk you thru on how to restore when the data has been archived in AWS.  what is AWS Glacier, little background on AWS Storage. here are few things that need to be in place before this can be done.

  1. You are backing up to AWS S3
  2. S3 policy is in place to move data to Glacier fro archival process to save cost
  3. Commvault is used to backup the data to S3 using the encryption keys
  4. Commvault shoud be running version 11.0 SP5
  5. Commvault workflow needs to be installed on the Commserv
  6. Index cache needs to be changed to more 365 days a year
  7. You will need to download the latest “Cloud Storage Archive Recall” workflow from Commvault

here are steps to restore from Glacier

  1. Browse the data using the Commvault Comcell console –
  2. Choose the data/folders/restore that you need to to restore
  3. Submit the restore job
  4. Once the restore job is submitted and data is in AWS Glacier, it will go into a pending state, where you can see the details of the volumes it needs to perform the restore,
  5. This will kick off the Commvault workflow which will start the restore from Glacier to S3 and can take upto 6 hours
  6. The restore job sill stay in the pending mode until the restore had been completed


You can always use the “GxTail” to open “WorkFlowEngineLog” to see the progress live


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