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How to upgrade a Meraki Firewall for Dummies (Resolved)

This article will walk you thru step by step on how upgrade the Meraki firewall step by step. This does requires that the initial setup was completed and firewall was registered with cloud portal (My Merkai Dashboard )

Once you have logged in then you can navigate to ‘Organization’ on the left and choose ‘Firmware upgrade’ on the right menu

This will take you the next screen where it will show you the current firmware and in this case it shows that I am on ver MX 13.33 which is the stable release

choose all networks on the top left and you will see the screen below, click on the check box next to ‘Network” and click on the ‘Schedule upgrades’ on the top left button

One the next screen you see the target version which is MX14.34 and choose ‘Next’ at the bottom right

one the next screen you get the options to upgrade the firewall now or schedule it – my case I am choosing upgrade now since this is a test firewall

Next screen will is the final screen

  1.  Version 13.33 to 14.34
  2. shows the device for the network which is one in this case
  3.  Time whether now or is scheduled

Now if you go back to ‘organization’ and firmware upgrades it will show you the status where it will show you the following

  1. Upgrade executed by ‘person name’
  2. Device and upgrade version number

Once the upgrade has been completed you can see that you have the choice to rollback in case you run into any issues

  1.  Button to roll back to the older version


I hope this is useful – pretty simple steps – leave feed back if you need more articles

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